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Katie Walther


Run Spot Run Media

Twenty-five+ years. Over that stretch, there’s been quite a bit to learn about media. Especially how it constantly changes, and how to adapt. Katie Walther has always been on the leading edge of change, as one of the Pacific Northwest’s most trusted and respected media professionals.

From her early days in Louisville at one of the South’s largest agencies to her impressive achievements since returning to Oregon in 1991 — leading media for some of Portland’s best agencies — Katie has been in the thick of change.

What hasn’t changed is her track record.

Katie has worked in a wide range of categories, with a deep roster of Pacific Northwest brands and companies who have consistently thrived under the guidance of her expertise, dedication and passion.

Her style is surprisingly simple: Be adaptive and responsive to getting the best value for every penny spent.

Katie’s relationships are based on mutual trust. They’re deep and long-established, always resulting in the best strategies and buys possible. She is particularly savvy at securing added-value opportunities that make your media dollars go farthest.

Chosen as Media Professional of the Year by the Portland Advertising Federation, Katie stands at the forefront of media for successful brands and companies.

She’s a native Oregonian and a fiercely loyal Oregon Ducks fan.